Touya Akira (akira_touya) wrote,
Touya Akira

I was talking to Shindo online yesterday, and he suggested we go to the pool. I let him talk me into going. It was hot out, and I thought it would've been fun to do something other than our routine Go games for a change.

I went to Shindo's house to pick him up. He was not ready. And I told him half an hour beforehand that I was coming over. *shakes head* I'm just glad I didn't have to wait too long for him to get his things.

We went to the public pool, not too far from where Shindo lives. It was close enough for us to walk.

It wasn't too long until it started raining. Shindo didn't mind. He figured it wouldn't make much difference since we were already wet anyway. But I wasn't planning on getting sick in the middle of summer. I left the pool and headed for the changeroom. It started to rain much harder, so when Shindo came in, his towel was already soaked. He asked me for mine, but I wouldn't let him use it. It was his fault he insisted on staying in the water that long. Then he begged me. In the most annoying and nerve wracking way possible. I got fed up with it, eventually, so let him use it for the time being. I changed and waited until the rain let up before I decided to leave. Shindo offered me some ramen in return for lending him the towel, so I guess the day didn't end so badly.

I haven't been feeling very well since this morning. I might be coming down with a cold, and I'm certain that it was because of yesterday. Ironic that I had to be the one getting sick between the two of us. *sigh* I just hope it doesn't get any worse.

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